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V. L. Voyeikov, Ye. V. Buravleva, S. E. Kondakov

Blood as Active Colloid System. NonmonotoneNature of Erythrosytes Sedimentation in Whole Blood as Revealed by Video Recording with High Space-Time Resolution


(Non-linear dynamic behavior of blood sedimentation has been revealed due to application of the principles of the system of technical vision for the detailed analysis of red blood sedimentation kinetics. An automatic computerized device for high-temporal resolution of the process of red blood sedimentation was designed. The position of the boundary between red blood and plasma may be registered each 30 sec in several pipettes simultaneously with +-10 mkm precision. Data are processed by a PC and presented as velocity-time curves (ESR-grams) and as the curves describing the time evolution of the boundary position. Also TV-recording with high resolution was performed at a rate 25 frames/sec. Color TV-camera having image resolution of 470 lines and sensitivity 0,1 lux was used. Several unexpected phenomena in the process of red blood sedimentation have been revealed. Macrokinetic patterns of sedimentation of whole blood, including several periods of the observed process were found. Dynamic changes in the density of the plasma-red cells, manifested in the oscillatory nature of the process rate changes, the phenomena of “negative sedimentation” have been revealed. Video recordings of the process detected nano- and microbubbles of gas evacuating from blood in course of its settling. Active motion of the plasma upward along the settling mass of red cells leads to the active movement of cells, their aggregates and gas bubbles against the forces of gravity, on the border between the red cells and plasma. A hypothesis, representing the blood as a complex liquid-solid-gas colloidal system is proposed. It calls for reconsideration of many concepts of haematology, rheology, cardio-vascular physiology.
Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin.
2011, Vol. 52, No. 4, P. 313

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