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V. G. Amelin, D. K. Lavruhin, A. V. Tretiyakov, A. A. Efremova

Determination of polar pesticides in water, vegetables and fruits by HPLC method


Methods for the determination of 25 combined pesticides operating substances (neonicotinoids, imidazole derivatives, urea derivatives, sim-triazines, triazoles, carbamates, phosphororganic compounds, piretroids) in water, vegetables and fruits have been developed. The range of concentrations is 0,00510 mg/l (mg/kg) by HPLC with diode matrix detection in 220 nm. The determination of pesticides in water has been carried out devoid of the sample preparation and concentrating. Sample preparation in analysis of vegetables and fruits (pesticides extraction and extract purification) was held on QuEChERS method. The duration of the analysis is 0,51,0 hour, the relative standard deviation of results does not exceed 0,05.
Key words: HPLC, combined pesticides, QuEChERS method, surface and ground water, vegetables, fruits.
Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin.
2012, Vol. 53, No. 6, P. 392

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