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N. V. Shvedene, A. V. Rzhevskaia, I. V. Pletnev

Solid-state ion-selective electrodes based on ionic liquid solidified at room temperature for the determination of amino acids


Solid-state ion-selective electrode (ISE) based on ionic liquid (IL) tetraoctylammonium N-lauroyl sarcosinate for the determination of anionic forms of amino acids is reported. Preconditioning in copper sulfate solution and using of more infusible and hydrophobic IL 1,3-dihexadecylimidazolium bromide allowed to lower limit of detection of phenylalanine in several times (Cmin = 2,7105M) and significantly improve operational resource of the sensor. Tetraoctylammonium N-lauroyl sarcosinate and 1,3-dihexadecylimidazolium bromide are solid at room temperature. Thus, the possibility of using two ILs for creation of solid-state ISE, where one of them is used as inert solid matrix for the immobilization of the second IL, which provides the binding of the analyte and the formation of potentiometric signal, is showed.
Key words: solid-state ion-selective electrodes, ionic liquids, determination of amino acids.
Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin.
2016, Vol. 57, No. 1, P. 18

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