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P. O. Volkova, A. V. Alekseev, A. A. Dzhatdoeva, E. V. Proskurnina, Yu. A. Vladimirov

Quantitation of lipid hydroperoxides by enhanced chemiluminescence


For the determination of lipid hydroperoxides, an analytical procedure was proposed based on enhanced chemiluminescence. The analytical system consists of a lipid, Fe(II), and coumarin C-525 as an enhancer of chemiluminescence. The lipid hydroperoxides were determined with spiked solutions using tert-butyl hydroperoxide as an internal standard. The analytical procedure provides a detection limit as low as 164 nM. The accuracy verification was performed with iodometric titration. The assay was used for the determination of total lipid hydroperoxides in food.
Key words: lipid hydroperoxides, lipid peroxidation, enhanced chemiluminescence, coumarin C-525.
Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin.
2016, Vol. 57, No. 1, P. 41

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